Competition rules/Playing conditions

The club plays under the auspices of Auckland Cricket and Western Districts Cricket Association. The competition rules can be found on their websites. You will also find information on the eligibility for the action grades and junior grades.


Most teams play on Saturday mornings with a mixture of home and away games. Your team’s manager will advise you of your team’s game.

For season Draws & Fixtures & Results for Action Grades – Click Here – Year 3 to 4 grades

For season Draws, Fixtures & Results for Junior Grades – Click Here – all other grades including girls

Away fixtures

If you are not able to take your child, please check with your manager or team coach as to whether transport is available to the away venue. Any volunteers to help transport children would be much appreciated, but please ensure that you’re in a position to do so with adequate insurance, an up to date WOF, etc. All children will return to the clubhouse for collection unless alternative arrangements have been made.

Health and safety

All incidents relating to health and safety must be recorded in the register which is held in the cupboard located outside the office in the club rooms. Any serious cases should be reported to the Junior Chair or Club Manager immediately.


It gets very hot on the cricket pitch and so we encourage every parent to make sure their child is sun safe whilst playing. Please ensure your child comes to cricket with sun screen on, a hat and some drinking water. You can purchase WCC branded wide-brimmed sun hats from the club’s website.

Keeping in touch

Your team manager will be the primary source of news and updates on events, but do also become friends with us on Facebook. We organise a number of social events throughout the season so make sure you keep an eye out for those.

Enjoy the cricket season.