BMW Wrecks

We purchase all BMW models on a daily basis for dismantling to recycle quality genuine spare parts. The following is a sample of BMW vehicles we have recently purchased for dismantling.
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1 & 2 Series- 2015 BMW F20 116i

Chassis: WBA1A12090P871245
Details: 1.6L, Hatchback, 54,000KM
Damage: All Round Frontal Damage
Our Reference: 0W001

2006 BMW F45 220I

Chassis: WBA2A52050V495411
Details: 2.0L, Hatchback, Automatic, 8,000KM
Damage: Burnt
Our Reference: 0W002

2008 BMW E91 320I

Chassis: WBAVS72040FG43597
Details: 2.0L, Station Wagon, 103,000KM
Damage: Hit in Front
Our Reference: 9W023

2010 BMW F10 550I

Chassis: WBAFR92090C272110
Details: 5.0L, Sedan, 135,000KM
Damage: Engine Issues
Our Reference: 9W053